Recipe: Appetizing Chicken creamy tikka pizza

Chicken creamy tikka pizza. Indian Pizza is full of Kick and flavour and you can recreate it at home like we did. For more tasty recipes, tips and product reviews please Subscribe. If you're a fan of spicy Chicken Tikka, you'll love it as a pizza topping on Chicken Tikka Pizzas.

Chicken creamy tikka pizza I use ready made pizza crust but of course you could use your own. My fave brands are Stone Fire and Brooklyn Bread- both brands crisp up nicely while still remaining soft- and they really hold up well to the heaviness of the chicken. To balance the heat, serve them with dollops of mango chutney and natural yogurt. You can have Chicken creamy tikka pizza using 22 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Chicken creamy tikka pizza

  1. You need of dough 👇👇👇.
  2. You need of ✔maida half kg.
  3. Prepare of ➡Yeast half packet 1 tsp full.
  4. Prepare of ➡Oil.
  5. You need of ➡milk.
  6. It’s of ➡Sugar.
  7. Prepare of ➡Salt.
  8. You need of ➡1 egg.
  9. Prepare of ➡worm Water.
  10. It’s of Maida ma ye sb kch mix kr k ghund ly neam garm pani c aur 1hr k.
  11. You need of ➡ 4 Chicken.👇👇👇.
  12. It’s of ➡Chicken mai butter.
  13. Prepare of ➡Half cup dahi.
  14. It’s of ➡Salt your taste.
  15. Prepare of ➡Black paper.
  16. It’s of ➡1 tsp tikka masla.
  17. It’s of ➡Lasan ka paste.
  18. You need of ➡Soya sauce.
  19. It’s of ➡Garlic sauce.
  20. It’s of ➡Zara sa zarday ka colour.
  21. You need of ➡2,3 sp oil.
  22. It’s of ➡Half cup cream.(ghar k Bhi dal sakty hain) last ma.

By Sophie Godwin – Cookery writer. Unleash your hunger by tasting the delicious chicken tikka pizza online on this page. You can now prepare all sort of food at home. Chicken Tikka Pizza – Pizza, Loaf, Rolls ALL TIME FAVORITE CHICKEN TIKKA PIZZA RECIPE.

Chicken creamy tikka pizza instructions

  1. Chicken ma ye sub mix kr ly aur pan ma oil dal k es mixture ko phr full anch per paka ly jub dahi sokh jai tu last ma cream dal dain👈👈👈.
  2. Jub dough rise hojai tu aik Achi c roti bail kr oper pizza sauce laga dain.
  3. Cheddar chhese dal dain phr chicken fry k hui dalain.
  4. ✔shimla mirch ✔mushroom, ✔onion rakh dain us k oper.
  5. Phr mozzarella cheez dal dain Zara c kuti hui lal mirchi & oregano oper chirak dain.
  6. Aur apny oven k hisab say back kar lain…

Chicken Tikka Pizza is a perfect marriage between an Indian and an Italian recipe, bringing you a unique and delicious flavor. Mostly, no one enjoy eating store bought pizza dough, it has no taste. In today's recipe you'll learn how to make a delicious pizza dough, it has. I had made Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan (Indian flatbread) the other day and had some left overs….so I decided to make little Indian Pizza's out of them which were a big hit with – Top the naan with chicken tikka masala. Try spreading the sauce first and then topping it with the pieces of chicken.

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