Gaskets Harmonic Balancer Repair Sleeve For Acura Tsx. Genuine Acura TSX Harmonic Balancer Engine Harmonic Balancer. Make it a point to check the balancer for wear.

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Our harmonic balancers and repair sleeves are what you need to solve vibration, noise, or oil leak problems and make your Acura TSX, smooth, quiet and oil tight. Oil Pan SnapUps® SnapUps® are designed to hold up the oil pan and gaskets, and allow for quick, convenient bolt installation. When it comes to your Acura CL, you want parts and products from only trusted brands.

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Your engine has two crank seals; one seal is located at the front of the engine, behind the crankshaft harmonic balancer, and one is located at the back of the engine, behind the flywheel. Sleeve 'N' Seal® Repairs harmonic balancer grooves at the timing cover seal area. If the harmonic balancer is in otherwise good condition, a harmonic balancer repair sleeve can be used.